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#1. Authentic Christian education

For four generations, Bethesda has quietly been providing education that is authentically Christian, authentically academic, and authentically relational.

Simply put: we are who we say we are and we deliver on our promise to provide a high quality, distinctively Christian education.

Click here to read more: 5 Elements of an Authentic Christian Education.

#2. Solid Academics 

For the past 50 years, Bethesda has been producing graduates who are well prepared for college and life.

Some of the more quantifiable measures of academic success are our college acceptance rate, scholarship dollars earned, awards and recognition from IDOE, and the challenging career majors pursued by our alumni.

Testimonials from alumni and parents continue to confirm that a Bethesda education is academically rigorous, goes far beyond State standards, and is never about teaching to the test.

#3. “A place to Belong, a place to Thrive.”

In an age of loneliness – your child will not just be a number. From day one, we will know their name. We’ll even know their birthday.

And our staff, led by our guidance office, is very intentional about helping each student find their place in our community and in life.

We absolutely love seeing students discover their gifts, talents, and interests and then develop them in remarkable ways!

#4. Fully distance learning capable

Bethesda can provide distance learning and blended learning in ways that provide rich curricular experiences and an engaging learning community.

Bethesda was prepared when Governor Holcomb ordered schools shut. Teachers found out late Thursday night that in-person school was suspended. By Monday morning, classes were in session.

Our son didn’t skip a beat” wrote one parent.

Click here to read the official Bethesda COVID-19 Response.


Note about fall 2020 and the future:

We are planning to begin in-person, on-campus learning on August 6 of this year.

America has not chosen to NOT educate its children - and we believe, Lord willing, that we can provide one of the most viable and sustainable educational options for worried parents.

Consider 6 key factors:

a. Our dedicated, professional teaching team has shown that it has the heart and the smarts to find a way to keep teaching and reaching students.

b. Our school board and educational leaders are in constant dialogue with state authorities and safety experts and are actively working behind the scenes to develop safe, workable plans for the fall.

c. Families have trusted Bethesda for over 50 years with the education of their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

We believe we have earned that trust and that we will continue to do so as the educational landscape changes.

d. Our teachers model the very things we desire for our students: resilience, adaptability, courage, trust in God’s sovereignty and provision, faith-filled prayer lives, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

e. Our small size and mission-minded staff allow us to pivot very quickly and to customize learning without being hampered by red tape.

f. We have assembled a very strong leadership team.

After a recent constitutional change  by Parkside Bible Church (the schools' founding church), Bethesda formed its first ever School Board.

The Board is committed to the success of BCS and to developing a robust business model capable of  supporting the mission and future growth of the school for generations to come.

The Board's first significant success has been to appoint a highly qualified and experienced head of schools.

Click here to read more about the qualifications of Bethesda's Board members and Head of Schools.


#5. More options at small schools

This may be a little surprising – but our small size actually gives students MORE options than they’d have at some bigger schools.

Even though bigger schools have more total offerings on their academic and extracurricular menu, individual students have limited choices. Usually, you can only pick one.

At Bethesda, students are delighted to discover that they can do band AND choir or play volleyball AND soccer. Small size also means that students who try out have a much greater chance of making the team and getting playing time - on a winning team! (Over the years, Bethesda has consistently won honors and championships in both arts and athletics.)

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We can even set up a meeting with Bethesda parents or alumni who will be happy to give you honest answers to your questions.

*All tours and meetings can be modified for social distancing, depending on your comfort level and in accordance with the latest health guidelines.

We understand:

We totally understand the pressure on parents to make the best educational choice for their children.

There are so many choices, and so many experts, all with different opinions!

No one school can do it all - and you only have one chance to educate your children, so it can be really stressful to figure out the difference between "essential" and "nice-to-have."!

Talk to us about your goals for your child

Our experienced, dedicated team of educational professionals and fellow parents is here to help! We'd love to discuss the educational goals you have for your child and give you an honest look at what Bethesda has to offer.

We'll help you find the best fit for your family

We love families and want the best for you and your children, so we’ll even help you find out about other places that might be a better fit for your particular goals.

For example, we’ll straight-up tell you: we don’t currently offer football or lacrosse. But we have plenty of other options – and our small size means that your child won’t just gear up and then sit the bench.

They can even try more than one sport to see what they’re good at, and if they love both - they can play both!

We’ll be the first to tell you: we don’t have a million AP classes – but we have enough AP, Honors, and online (college credit earning) classes to more than adequately prepare your child for college and life beyond Bethesda.

You can trust what others say about us

Don’t just take our word for it – see what BCS alumni, parents, and students have to say about the value and quality of a Bethesda Christian Schools education.

Take a tour, connect with us on Facebook, or watch a video featuring people explaining what they value about Bethesda!

Reasons #6-19:
#6. Dedicated Teachers
#7. Invested in the Future of BCS

#8. Our Alumni!
#9. Fully Accredited
#10. Consistently Award-winning
#11. Rich Arts programs
#12. Active Campus life
#13. Beautiful, peaceful campus 
#14. Approachable Admin team
#15. Our Community
#16. Small Class size
#17. Relaxed Atmosphere
#18. Affordable
#19. Deep, enduring Legacy