Tuition & Fees 

Affording Christian Education 

At Bethesda Christian Schools, we make every effort to make an exceptional Christian education attainable for every family. 

Here are a couple of ways we strive to bring Christian education to our community:

Financial Assistance Options  

Two options for families that are need-based are the Indiana School Choice Scholarship (commonly known as vouchers), and the Indiana Tax Credit SEC Scholarship

*Please note that before any financial assistance is given, a family must apply and be accepted at BCS. Any balance not covered by tuition assistance is the responsibility of the family. 

Act Fast!

Scholarships are awarded on a first come/first served basis. 




Find out if your children qualify and contact our Admissions Director to verify.

Apply for admission at BCS.

Apply for eligible scholarships and share your letters of eligibility with the BCS Admissions Department.

Indiana Choice Scholarship

This state funding, commonly called a “voucher” allows Hoosier families to choose an accredited school for their child to attend. The voucher pays a portion of the child’s tuition, an amount that is dependent on family income, household size, location of residence, and other discounts that the family may receive. 

To find out more information regarding School Choice (vouchers) please visit the school choice website. If you feel you would qualify, please contact our Admissions Director. 

 SEC (Scholarships for Education Choice) Tax Credit Scholarships  

Bethesda Christian Schools has a partnership with the Sagamore Institute, a state recognized Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). Sagamore manages donations from businesses or individuals that donate to the scholarship fund in order to help many Indiana students attend an eligible private school. 

In addition to the donor giving to the SGO fund, they receive a 50% state tax credit for their donation. Scholarships are limited to the amount of funds available in our account. 

Apply Today! 

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