Student Life at BCS

Service Opportunities

All BCS students have chapel each week and often work with other students to perform skits. As students age, serving opportunities are given that are appropriate to grade levels.


BCS Athletics has teams from fifth grade to twelfth grade that include sports such as soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, softball, and golf.  Bethesda student-athletes will develop physically and mentally as well as grow spiritually through time spent with their coaches and teammates. Because of the size of our student body, many students have the opportunity to participate in multiple sports and develop lifelong friendships.


Theater at BCS engages students from elementary through high school, depending on the available parts for each performance. Every effort is made to engage students, whether it is behind the scenes with set design, make up design, and lighting or out front acting. Parents find ways to participate, as well, through set building and costume creation. Each year we have amazing performances you wouldn't expect to find at a school of our size.

Band and Choir

Students are able to participate in band and choir starting in 5th grade. Pep Band begins in High School. Students are encouraged to continue in both band and choir throughout their schooling and have opportunities to perform throughout the year at school performances as well as in competitions.

Elementary school Events

Each year Elementary Students take part in Feast Day, Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, Grandparents Day, Christimas Corner, and a Scholastic Book Fair. Cheerleading and some sports teams are available starting in 5th grade.

Upper School Events

Social opportunities abound for Junior High and High school students between athletic events, cheer, theater, a Spring Dance, and Prom/Spirit week. Also, students can participate in the Pep band and a student cheer section at games. Clubs include writing. Student Council affords service opportunities for some students, as well. And for down time, you will often see students playing board games in commons area where they get off-screen and connect socially.