Q&A with Assistant Cheerleading Coach, Joanna Bradley

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We sat down with Bethesda Christian School’s very own Joanna Bradley, Assistant Cheerleading Coach, to get the scoop on what it’s like being a part of the cheerleading program at BCS.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 1994 graduate of Bethesda Christian Schools, and my husband is a 1993 graduate. We have three kids at BCS: a Senior, Freshman, and 5th grader. Our roots run deep here, and we love Bethesda Christian Schools! I cheered for 8 years as a student, and I even cheered on my future husband as he played sports for Bethesda Christian Schools! This will be my 4th year as the Assistant Cheerleading Coach.

What do you love about coaching cheerleading? 

I love the opportunity to work with the girls and encourage them spiritually as we seek to support our school. I love helping the girls to ignite spirit in their fellow students.

Tell us about Bethesda Christian Schools’s cheerleading program: 

I cheered as a student at Bethesda Christian Schools, and I’ve always loved the school spirit here. Twenty-five years later, our goal is still the same and we’re doing it in even bigger and better ways!

This past year, we participated in the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC) National Competition in Orlando, Florida. The girls worked for months in preparation for competition and represented our school well! They placed 3rd in the Novice Varsity division. Their hours of hard work paid off, and they learned so many lessons about hard work and relying on the Lord.

We had several challenges that week, and it was awesome to see the girls digging into their Bibles for strength and encouragement from the Lord. It really brought us together as a team, and it was so neat to see the girls grow.

How many athletes are a part of the current cheer program?

We have three teams: Elementary, Junior High, and Varsity with about thirty students participating in total.

What percentage of your cheer athletes go on to participate in cheerleading on the college level?

We currently have two graduates cheering at the college level!

If there was ONE THING you wanted the average person to know about cheerleading, what would it be?

That the kids work harder than you think! They give their heart and soul to what they do, because they all truly love to cheer and get people excited about our school.

Being part of a team is a rewarding experience for all ages. To learn more about the athletics programs at BCS, reach out to the Athletic Director, Nate Cartledge at

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