Welcome to Bethesda's Preschool program!

Dear Prospective Parent,

Deciding where your child begins their journey in education is one of the most important decisions you will make. As the principal of preschool through 6th grade, I believe that a visit to Bethesda Christian Preschool will make that decision much easier for you. 

Our students are taught how to view life from a Biblical worldview where Jesus is at the center of our lives. Our caring staff of experienced early childhood educators provide a highly structured play-based atmosphere for learning. Each child is seen and treated as an individual so their voice is valued as teachers partner with families to offer an education that fits your child's needs.

We warmly invite you to schedule a visit soon to see how a Christ-centered atmosphere, structured play, and effective teaching make a difference in the lives of all preschool children who walk through our doors. 

Mitch Hammersley
Principal PreK-6th Grade

Overview of BCS Preschool


BCS was founded in 1965 as a preschool program which grew into a PreK through High School Program. 

Fun, hands-on learning

Our preschool provides education-based care with fun, hands-on learning experiences and curriculum to develop school-readiness skills. All of this is delivered by teachers who have a living faith in Jesus Christ.

Key Program elements:

• Self-Regulation
• Attention
• Literacy and Number Concepts
• Cooperation and Social Skills
• Communication Skills
• Movement
• Fine and Large Muscle Skills
• Play-Centered Learning

Play is central to our philosophy of learning. Play allows children to experience new roles, develop empathy, and become better prepared for life. We believe in the importance of having some unstructured play time in a child’s day in order for them to develop creativity and learn important problem-solving skills.

Phonics, math, writing, arts, chapel

Our school days focus on phonics, mathematics, creative writing, art and science. Each week, preschool has a chapel time that is geared to their age.

Plenty of time for movement

There is still plenty of time for movement and preschoolers have two daily recess times. Because we have a large facility with two gyms, kids are able to enjoy large room activities that get them moving all year long.

low-cost hot lunch

They also have a low-cost hot lunch option that they can purchase and eat in their classrooms.

Parents welcome in class

Our teachers LOVE parent involvement, so parents are welcome to join the class during the week as schedules allow.

BCS Cadets - "big kid" friends

Preschoolers also have the benefit of BCS Elementary and Upper School Cadets who come to the classroom regularly to interact with the kids and become their “big kid” friends.

Harvest Party, Field Trips

The Preschool operates on a separate activities calendar from the rest of the school. There is always a Fall Harvest Party, and two field trips off campus during the year.

Elective Classes

We also offer several elective during the year. Currently it is a cooking club and Crouching Tigers martial arts that also stresses life skills.


To be eligible to start at the BCS preschool, a child must be 3 years of age by August 1, potty-trained (no pull-ups at nap time, please!) and self-reliant.


When you walk into our preschool classrooms, you will see teachers who love kids and care about their spiritual development. They will engage your child in exploration of the world God has made and help them with their unique needs. Our student/teacher ratio is 5/1 for 3 year olds and 10/1 for 4 year olds.


Tuition for preschool will vary, depending on your child’s attendance schedule. We offer full week preschool with part-day and full-day options. 3-year old children are half-day only. 4-year olds can be half or full day.


If you have a child enrolled in preschool, there is a good chance you can claim a tax deduction. But before you do, see if you can qualify for a Child and Dependent Care Credit. According to IRS guidelines, individuals have the opportunity to deduct various forms of childcare as part of the Child and Dependent Care Credit.  This program, while immensely valuable for parents and caregivers, includes its own extensive array of requirements and qualifications. Failure to meet these requirements could void any opportunity for preschool to qualify as a legally deductible childcare expense.

Here is a helpful article on this topic: Preschool Tax Deductions