Welcome to the BCS Middle School Portal - thanks for considering Bethesda as one of your educational options! 
Everyone probably agrees that middle school is a very exciting time of growth in the life of a student, but that it can also be really a challenging transition.

Friends, tougher classes, and the challenges of growing up in a social media age are just some of the things that are part of this turbulent time.  

At Bethesda, our mission is to come alongside parents to support them in the education and raising of their children. As a small school, and, specifically as a Christian school, we do this in so many different ways - I'd like to highlight just a few of them here: 


At Bethesda, our team of dedicated educational and coaching professionals continually refines and implements various strategies for ministering to and equipping the whole child.

We provide a solid academic foundation for high school and we differentiate our instruction to provide both enrichment and support, based on the needs of the child.  


 We believe that every child can learn, and we also know that true learning happens in the context of relationships and so, at BCS, we are very intentional about cultivating grace-based, authentic relationships.

In our Bible classes, students are taught how to study the Bible, how to use it to find help for life's challenges, and how to view life from a Biblical worldview. 

In Leadership Class, our students navigate social, spiritual, physical, and emotional development and students learn everything from ironing clothes to keeping a prayer journal. 

We encourage students to ask questions and to make their faith their own. At any time of the day, there are trusted adults available to pray with and for your child. 

Weekly chapels include a student-led worship time and solid Biblical preaching and teaching by members of staff and area pastors. 

Students are also encouraged to get involved. We offer a wide variety of sports and theatrical options and most of our middle school students are involved in one or more extra-curricular activities.

If you haven't already watched one of our videos, click here for helpful overviews of our mission, passion for educating young people and of some of the opportunities we offer. Another great way to learn about our school is to book a tour.

You can also request information or ask to chat with a member of staff or even a BCS parent.