Consider Small Class Sizes—Personalized Attention Pays Off

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It’s no secret that small class sizes are highly coveted by parents. Small class sizes have become a key selling point in private education, and with good reason. “Small classes” aren’t trendy—they are effective at fostering student success. 

In a private school setting, you and your student become cherished members of the academic family. Your child is not just a number. Each student matters profoundly to the academic community, and each has something unique to offer the school and their fellow students. 

Small classes = robust interaction

In a small class, teacher-student and peer interaction are essential to the learning process. Small classrooms foster lively discussion, debate, and interaction, rather than relying on lectures alone. These environments ensure that every student is consistently engaged, as well as helping students enjoy the learning process. 

Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction

One of the key advantages of private education is the one-on-one attention allowed by small class sizes. With low teacher/student ratios, it becomes impossible for your child to fall through the cracks. Each student can receive the individualized attention they need to flourish.

Small classes foster a love of learning

Nothing prepares a student for a lifetime of success like developing an enduring sense of curiosity and delight in learning. Fostering a lifetime love of learning is one of the most critical skills that any school can impart to their students. With small class sizes and educators who are excited about teaching, students can receive the most personalized, specialized, and delight-driven education possible.   

“If you are looking for a good Christian education, small classroom sizes, one on one attention, close-knit ‘community’, and excellent teachers, this is the place for you! My son is now in college, but those people that were his teachers became his mentors and now his friends. What I invested in giving my son a solid, Christian education has come back threefold. It was not easy, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Lynn Wagner-Decker, former parent at Bethesda Christian Schools
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Individualized attention supports character development

Private schools should focus not only on academics but also on the character development of their students. A successful graduate of a private Christian school should not just be a good student, but a good human being and contributing citizen of the world. Christian schools work hard to impart to their students:

  • Leadership skills
  • A servant’s heart
  • Humility
  • A solid work ethic
  • A global perspective
  • A compassionate spirit
  • And a heart for the marginalized

“Students who attend religious schools have fewer behavioral problems than their counterparts, even when adjusting for socioeconomic status, race, and gender.”

-Council for American Private Education

Bethesda Christian Schools Takes Pride in Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes, favorable ratios, and teachers focused on individual student success help everyone receive the attention and support needed to excel at their highest level. We believe in the positive effect that small class sizes have on the individual student, and we’ve seen the success firsthand of students who transfer to Bethesda Christian Schools from other schools and thrive in our class environment.

Want to learn more about the atmosphere and individualized academic attention offered at Bethesda Christian Schools? Start here.

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