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Safe & Healthy Cell Phone Use

Download the Cell Phone Contract

The decision to allow your child to have a cell phone is a BIG one, and not to be taken lightly! Letting technology enrich your life, rather than take over it, can be a tricky balance to strike during the teen and pre-teen years.  

How to Promote Responsible Cell Phone Use: 

  • Empower your child to build a positive relationship with technology.
  • Protect your teens and pre-teens from negative online influences.
  • Set reasonable, real-life boundaries with your child when it comes to technology. 

Start by downloading your cell phone contract for teens today!

Protect your child by setting clear expectations and providing the tools they need to make smart decisions regarding technology.

Why Establish Boundaries?

Download the Cell Phone Contract for Teens

  • A cell phone contract will help you set healthy limits with your child that you can both feel great about. 
  • Utilizing a cell phone contract with your child clearly lays out your expectations from the start so there are no grey areas to worry about. 
  • Communicating boundaries with your child openly and honestly regarding technology is always a good idea!

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