1965: Bethesda is born
In 1965, a man became burdened for the young people and families of his generation. In faith, courage, and probably a little craziness - Bethesda Christian School was born.
Reach Hearts; Teach Minds
The founders set out to Reach the Hearts and Teach the Minds of Bethesda Patriots of all ages.
Authentic Christian Education
Since then, for more than 50 years, BCS has been providing authentic Christian Education to four generations of students and families from Hendricks County and surroundings.
A Legacy of changing Lives

Lives have been changed, a Legacy has been built, a hundred thousand prayers have been answered, and we have seen the Lord’s faithfulness through many seasons.

This is His school and we know He loves it and that He loves all who walk our halls, play on our fields and courts, perform on our stages, or worship in our chapels. He loves the broken and the brilliant and the rest of us in-between. We who work here love to serve Him by loving all of these and their families (and one another).
Our Growing BCS Family
Today, we are still welcoming "new" families, who quickly become part of our family. And, now, after all these decades, we have some deeply loyal 3rd and even 4th-generation BCS Patriots!
Think, Live, Lead Biblically
The world looks very different than it did in 1965 - but our Mission is the same: to help families disciple and train their children to become reliable Christian adults who can think, live, and lead Biblically.
Your Story
We have SO many stories we could tell about all the days that have been lived on our Campus since 1965 - our favorite, though, is when you join our family and your story becomes part of our story, and both become part of the Greatest Story of all.
Investing in the Next Generation
Bethesda exists because of that Story - the Story of how Jesus came to rescue and redeem the world.
Equipping the next generation of young people to take that message of hope into all the world is the best and only eternal contribution any of us can make to our world, our nation, and our communities.