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Spiritual Life

You will find a grace-based, vibrant spiritual life at BCS.
We offer challenging Bible classes, weekly chapels for all ages, a student chaplain program, and a worship arts program.

At any time of day, there will be someone to pray with and for your child.

There will always be someone ready to take the time to listen to their concerns and walk them through what the Bible has to say about them.

We encourage students to ask questions about the challenging issues of our times and to be open about their faith questions so that we can guide them in developing an authentic, robust faith as they prepare to live and lead in a world that is increasingly unfamiliar with Biblical ideas and values.

On our campus, you will see early morning or lunchtime Bible studies or prayer meetings. Some are student led. All are happening because the participants want to, not because they have to.

Our small size allows us some additional special opportunities for a kind of multi-level discipleship and authentic relationship building. Our Upper School Student Council and National Honor Society students are assigned to an Elementary student as their “buddy;” we offer an elective Cadet program, and some of our other upper school classes periodically take part of a class period to read to younger classes.

If these are the kinds of influences you would love to have on the heart and mind of your child as he or she grows to maturity in these critical and oh-so-short years, contact us soon to begin exploring the educational opportunities BCS can offer you!

Campus Life

In an epidemic of loneliness, we have taken action to implement policies and create spaces that encourage healthy, face-to-face interactions and genuine friendships. Our Commons area has a student-run coffee shop and tables stocked with board games (we’re amazed at how quickly students preferred it to being on their phones during their free time, and at how competitive the Uno and Chess tournaments can be!).

We have a rich social calendar – for Upper School, there are Spirit Days (popular and fun this year were the inflatable race across the pond and March Madness competitions; the English Department also presented Shakespeare in the Park, which was an instant hit). We also organize Banquets, a Student Cheer Section at games, a Pep band, and spontaneous events organized by class officers and chaperoned by parent volunteers (Freshman Bowling Night, anyone?). Younger students enjoy Donuts with Dad, Grandparents Day, and the annual Thanksgiving Celebration Meal.

Our beautiful and spacious campus boasts baseball and soccer fields, a pond, an outdoor amphitheater, pavilions, playgrounds, and a ¾ mile walking trail. Parkside Bible Church is developing the property as Northwest Community Park and there are very exciting things happening that will make the area a Destination – hundreds of trees have been planted, a disc golf course has been added, and a world class playground will be built this summer.

Leadership training opportunities

As we intentionally guide students to explore their gifts and talents, we provide numerous opportunities to develop their leadership skills and experience. These include High School and Middle School Student Councils, National Honor Society, Student Chaplains, Sports Team Captains, Student Play Director, Worship Arts, Class Officers, Chapel speakers (testimonies), Senior Leadership Camp, Senior Ministry Trip, and the Courtside Café (a student-run coffee shop on campus).

Extracurricular and Enrichment Opportunities

We have a well-established Arts program and regularly earn top awards at regional events: visual arts recently added an AP Art course, and we recently overheard a visitor to our annual Art Show remark, “Oh, my! Can EVERY BCS student draw like this (so well)?!”
We offer Band, Choir, and a remarkable Theater Arts program that delights our audiences every year with a Fall Drama and Spring Musical. 
Writing Club is another well-established, teacher-led student community – a vibrant, engaging, and learned group that now meets twice a week.

Our Athletics program includes a surprisingly large number of sports for boys and girls. In addition to the traditional sports – basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, cheer leading - some recent popular additions are Girls Soccer, Golf, and Cross Country. We also have a Pep Band comprised of current students and alumni for those who love sports but prefer to be on the sidelines.

Come and see for yourself that we really are who we say we are!


Joanna Bradley

It always brings me great joy to welcome new students and families into our BCS community!

I have a great love for Bethesda, and my roots here run deep!

I attended BCS from K4 to 12th grade and graduated in 1994. My husband also attended BCS and graduated in 1993. We have 3 children currently attending in grades 12, 9 and 5.

I enjoy the role of Admissions Director because I get the chance to share with prospective families about what BCS has to offer them. I love to talk about BCS and what this community has meant to our family and so many other families.

[Disclaimer: Don't be surprised if I tear up a little when I share some of the stories and the hope and joy this ministry has brought all kinds of families over so many years.]


Indiana Department of Education
Advanced Placement Achievement Award

BCS was one of only 70 high schools in Indiana to be recognized by the Indiana Department of Education with an Advanced Placement (AP) Achievement Award for “significant achievement in AP student access and success,” specifically for meeting or exceeding the goal of 25% of all graduates earning a 3 or higher on an AP exam.

College Scholarships Awarded

The graduating class of 2019 will be awarded on average $41,967 towards their college tuition

College Acceptance

The following is a list of colleges attended by our recent (past three years) graduates:Anderson University, Ball State, Butler University, Bryce College, Cedarville University, Grace College, Indiana University, IUPUI,  Liberty University, Marian University, Messiah College, Moody Bible Institute, Purdue University, Taylor University, Trinity University, University of Southern Indiana, Wittenberg University.

National Honor Society

BCS is affiliated with the National Honor Society and maintains an active chapter, “recognizing and promoting the important qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character in students.”


Visual Arts at Bethesda Christian School are offered for all students in grades K-12. The program encourages elementary students to use their medium of art as a form of worship for our Lord. We believe that the arts were created by God for our enjoyment, to praise and glorify Him, and reflect His beauty.

Elementary Fine Arts:

The Elementary Visual Arts program introduces the building blocks of art and design.

Students will start to recognize elements and principles within art compositions. The art compositions presented in class will come from a variety of cultures and artists. Each project is centered in a Biblical application with a discussion on any “World View” influence.

Students will produce projects in pencil, color pencil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, paper sculpture, mixed media and clay. Each year students can create an “Art To Remember” keepsake that can be reproduced on a catalog item.

BCS has an annual Art Show that highlights our students' artistic expressions and celebrates how God has gifted our little artists!

Junior High and High School Fine Arts:

The Middle School and High School Visual Arts program utilizes the student’s knowledge of elements and principles by critiquing art compositions.

Students will master an artistic vocabulary about the merits of a variety of artwork. The critique process will increase their ability to judge their own work. The artwork presented will come from a variety of artists, styles and mediums. Projects are selected to encourage a Biblical world view.

Students will produce projects in pencil, color pencil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, paper sculpture, wire, mixed media and clay. Students are continuing to develop their artist techniques and self-expression. They are encouraged to share the gifts God has given them in a variety of venues: Hendricks County Art Council Contest, Annual Bethesda Art Show, Congressional Art Competition, and the Hendricks County Fair.

Through investigations of different cultures and eras, students explore the importance of Art History and how it relates to World History. As they learn to appreciate a variety of famous artist‘s works, they begin to explore and develop their own personal artistic expression.

AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art allows students the opportunity to build an art portfolio and gives them valuable practical experience for future art-related fields. AP Studio Art also helps students prepare for the rigorous college admissions process. This advanced course promotes high quality work and growth through expertly guided artistic investigation. At the end of the course, the class visits The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) to celebrate the submission of their final portfolios.


Bethesda Athletics Participates in the IHSAA and the PAAC (Pioneer Academic Athletic Conference).

Bethesda Athletics has joined the IHSAA and the PAAC to push our athletic programs to the next level.

The IHSAA is the largest Athletic Association in Indiana and is the gold standard of all High School Athletics in Indiana. The PAAC is a competitive conference of central Indiana High Schools.


Mitch Hammersley

I have worked in Education for many years but am new to Bethesda. I recently completed my first year as principal of the lower school, and I have been blessed by the amount of love and support that I have received from parents, students, staff, and teaching faculty.

Our teachers and staff love Jesus and desire to make Him known to all of our students through biblical-based teaching and sharing His love with them. We believe that Jesus' teachings and the gospel message is the foundation from which we do everything, especially in building our lessons.

My door is always open, and I would be very happy to tell you more about our wonderful school. I am only a visit, email, or phone call away.

Allison Hayden

I have been at Bethesda for seven years and currently have the privilege of serving as the junior high and high school principal.

In my time here, I have had the joy of watching the school grow in so many new ways, as both a teacher and now in administration.

As principal, one of my driving goals is to be the instructional leader in the school and support our teachers in the great work they do every day. We have the best teachers in the world: they love our students and are willing to take on new challenges, seeking what is best for each and every child.

As a school, one of our philosophical beliefs is that every child can learn and succeed and that learning occurs in many different ways. An educator’s skill lies in tailoring the teaching to the needs of children, and our team collaborates closely and works hard to achieve that for each child.

Our other core belief is that the Gospel must shape how we interact as a team and with our students. Christ commands us to lead by example, to show grace when grace is needed, and to point others to Christ. Our teachers love the Lord and incorporate the Bible into everything they do. As principal, I support our teachers in this endeavor and handle challenges in the same manner.

Teaching is a very challenging profession but we, as a staff, are genuinely excited and hope-filled about the future of Bethesda and so appreciative of our wonderful heritage and of the foundation laid by others who invested so sacrificially in this place for the sake of the Gospel and future Bethesda families.


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